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Spanish Language Instruction 

Students have 30 minutes of Spanish enrichment each week, focussed both on Spanish language exposure and Latin American culture.  Exposure to and experience with languages, with all their richness and diversity, creates an inquisitiveness about life and learning.  Language provides a vehicle for learners to engage with the world and to relate to and accept responsibility for the mission of the IB to “help to create a better and more peaceful world”.

Here are some ideas on how you can continue your child's learning at home:
  *   Read bilingual books
  *   Play music in Spanish
  *   Try Latin American foods
  *   Watch TV in Spanish
  *   Practice Spanish using apps like Duolingo

School Library

A world of adventure can be experienced through the Jefferson School Library! Our library is a hub for learning with a diverse collection of books that are curated to support Jefferson’s IB STEAM Magnet community. The library collection includes classics, current popular titles, and award winners. Students attend weekly or biweekly for an enjoyable learning experience that aligns with their grade level to develop a passion for literacy and learning. Destiny gives teachers and students access to our school's library collection plus our district's subscription databases.

Art (ArtReach)

All students attend monthly classes with a visiting art teacher through ArtReach. The ArtReach program is designed to introduce elementary school students to the world of art through the exploration of various master artists from different periods and cultures. Each month, students will delve into the life, work, and techniques of a renowned artist, allowing them to develop a deeper appreciation for art history and artistic expression. This program encourages creativity, critical thinking, and cultural awareness.

Dance (TranscenDance)

All students have weekly dance class with the AMAZING Ms. Cybele. She offers a weekly dance program designed to inspire creativity, self expression, teamwork, and community spirit among elementary school students. Over the course of several weeks, students will learn and practice various dance styles, culminating in a series of community events throughout the year where they showcase their talents and celebrate their achievements.

Garden (Good Neighbor Gardens)

Students of all grade levels visit the garden regularly and participate in growing, harvesting, cooking and serving the food they grow! The garden program will get kids outdoors to learn about food production, natural science, and engineering. Through experiential curriculum, our farm hands nurture compassionate young stewards of the land

School Clubs

Jefferson offers a variety of after school clubs to belong to throughout the year. Information about future clubs and how to sign up will be posted through ClassDojo announcements.  If you are a parent or community member that would like to run a club, complete this club application and contact Erin Leavitt at [email protected].

School Safety Patrol

We take pride in fostering a culture of safety and responsibility among our students at Jefferson Elementary. As a unique opportunity available to our 5th-grade students, our School Safety Patrol (SSP) members assist in safety concerns around our school, especially those regarding pedestrian safety at crosswalks. SSP offers a chance to develop leadership skills while also playing a vital role in the safety of our school community. We value responsibility, collaboration, and integrity, and these qualities are at the heart of what it means to be a part of the SSP. Witness our SSP Squad in action on the crosswalk at the TK gate or lending a hand during morning arrival and in the afternoon.

We're excited to share that Jefferson’s 2022-23 Squad received the Mid-City Squad of the Year award. For inquiries or further information about SSP, please reach out to Frankie McBurney at [email protected].

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